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My work as a translator stems from my passion for creating to convey meaning, as well as my fascination with the spaces between - and within - languages. Some of my favorite projects to work on have been books, like Marta Yanci Serrano's novel Breathe, as well as more visually driven sources, like audio guides for various modern art exhibits around Spain. My résumé documents the experiences that have led me to translation. The projects I've completed showcase my range and specialties, along with reviews from satisfied clients.

I began translating while earning my MA in Spanish cultural studies, and I continued this practice throughout further graduate work until I fully transitioned into professional translation and proofreading. In 2020, my work was a finalist for a competitive translation contest on ProZ, and I value learning from and sharing with my peers on this platform and in other endeavors.


"As always it is a pleasure to work with Amanda - She translated from Spanish to English and delivered to the highest standards. We highly recommed Amanda as a translator."

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